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We Are Inclusion Martial Arts

Traditional Tang Soo Do

After a lifetime of study, our mission is to combine tradition and innovation, emphasizing self defense and self-discovery. We pride ourselves on inner-development of both the mind and body. At Inclusion Martial Arts, each vigorous hour spent training is an opportunity to build confidence, discipline and both mental and physical strength.

World Tang Soo Do Association

We are certified by an international organization called the World Tang Soo Do Association. Our organization touches six continents of the world, represented by the six stars on the association logo. From the moment you join, you will be a member of a worldwide brother/sisterhood. And with each belt, you are certified by the association.

Dos & Don'ts

Inclusion Martial Arts Guidelines


1) Arrive 10 minutes early to class: give yourself enough time to stretch and prepare.
2) Treat everyone with respect: no name-calling or discouraging others.

3) Learn each technique thoroughly, and the philosophy behind it.

4) Enjoy yourself!


1) Wear jewelry, rings, earrings, or necklaces during training: these can seriously injure someone. Please make sure to take off everything besides what is required.

2) Begin fighting or horse-playing in the dojang: the studio is for serious training only.

3) Train without the supervision of an instructor: incorrect technique could cause serious injury.

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